Here's The List Of Games We're Playing.

In some games, not everyone on your team will play, some will have to sit out. Typically you'll be playing with a minimum of 8 players at a time (the amount of players on TEAM WEDDING) Just like on Survivor, you can't sit the same person out in back-to-back challenges. Some games will be played all together, and others will be played with one team competing against another team. However, all scoring is done team-by-team, so don't worry if you seem to be going up against a stronger team in a particular event. You're not really competing directly against that team. Scores are based on the time it took you to complete an event or points you scored during an event. All times and points are tallied at the end of all the games and that will determine your overall ranking. 



Don't worry, no hula hooping going on this one. 8 players on your team will stand side-by-side holding hands, creating a long chain of people. A hula hoop will be placed at the beginning of each line. Teams must then step through the hoop, duck down, and pass the hoop to the next person withough ever letting go of their hands. Be the fastest and get the most points. Slow teams get less.


BOAT RACE - 8 Players 

This park has a lake and little boats you can row. You'll pick 4 rowers and 4 runners for this one. On go, four people in two different boats on each team will start rowing across the lake towards the bridge while four others run around the lake to that same bridge with one bandana each. Once two bandanas have been handed to the first boat to arrive, those rowers and runners may return to the dock. When the second boat of your team arrives at the bridge the second set of bandanas may be passed and then those rowers and runners can return to the dock. The clock stops for your team when all 8 people have retuned to the dock and handed all four bandanas to the score keeper. This game is scored by time, fastest time gets more points, slower times get less.



A team member will use a slingshot style water balloon launcher to send water balloons flying out onto a marked field with zones that have different point values. Other members on their team will be paired up, each in a scoring zone, and each holding a side of a large bucket. Players will attempt to catch the water balloon in the bucket. If they do, then the team is awarded the points for that zone. Points are accumulated, tallied, and added to your overall score.



7 Players will be chosen from each team, blindfolded, and placed randomly around a field. Each team will be given one of these animals: Dog, Cat, Chicken, Cow, Pig, Duck, Sheep, Bird. The seven team members must then blindly locate each other by listening for their team members making the same animal sound they are making. Once found, they will lock arms together. Once all 7 team members have locked arms, the 8th member will run out to them and guide them to the finish line. This game is scored by points. First place gets more points, last place gets less.


GIANT JENGA - All Players

We've got the worlds largest Jenga set and teams will be given 5 minutes to move and restack as many blocks as possible. Each player on that team will take a turn at removing a block and restacking it. Standard Jenga rules apply. Points will be awarded for each block moved. The more blocks you move and stack, the more points your team gets, but be careful. If your tower falls over, your time is done!


PLUG THE HOLES - 8 Players

8 Players from your team will have the goal of removing a ping pong ball that has been dropped inside a vertically standing narrow pipe. A hand will not fit inside, and even if it did, the pipe is way to long to be able to reach the ball. Players will retrieve the ball by pouring water from drinking cups into the pipe. As the pipe fills with water, the ball will move to the top where it can be easily removed. However, things can't be that easy. The pipe has holes in it! Some players will have to be assigned the job of plugging the holes with the fingers, toes, cheeks, or whatever, while others continue to keep the water coming. This game is scored by time, fastest time gets 1st place and the most points, and slowest time gets 8th place and the least points.


BEANIE BALL - 8 Players

This is a fun one! 3 players will wear cute little Velcro hats, and 3 players will throw 4 soft cloth balls at their heads! 2 players will be on hand to retrieve balls and get them back to the throwers. Be the first team to get 4 balls on each of the 3 hat-wearing players and you'll get the most points. If your aim is bad, then it might be last place for you on this one.


FRISBEE GOLF - All Players

Each team will be given a Frisbee. Each member of the team will take a turn throwing the Frisbee towards a basket. We'll play 3 holes. Each team will be given the same amount of points to start, but one point gets deducted for every throw your team makes. Simple, easy, and everyone on the team will participate.



Pretty much what it sounds like. Players will have to get from the start line to the finish line while encountering several obstacles that have been put in their way. This could include things like jumping through giant inner tubes, sweeping a coconut with a broom, running with flippers on your feet, and racing with grass skies! Whew! I'm already tired just from thinking about it!  This game is scored by time, fastest time gets 1st place and the most points, slowest time gets 8th place and the least points.



It's time to battle it out in the ultimate test of Ronn & Carly knowledge. Questions will be based on information and things right from this website. You'd better get to reading because when the question is asked, you don't want to be last to hit your buzzer. Yes, we'll have buzzers! ..... ok, more like buttons ..... they don't actually buzz, but they do change colors and lock everyone else out when you hit yours first, and that's pretty cool :-)